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NO Parameters 9030G 9242F 9844
1 View area(mm) 90*30 mm 92*42 mm 98*44 mm
2 UV/IR protection DIN 14 DIN 16 DIN 16
3 Light state shade DIN 4 DIN 4 DIN 4
4 Dark state shade DIN 9-13,External DIN 9-13,External DIN 9-13,External
5 Power supply Solar cell & lithium batteries Solar cell & lithium batteries Solar cell & lithium batteries
6 Power on/off Fully automatic Fully automatic Fully automatic
7 Switching time 1/20000s 1/30000s 1/30000s
8 Delay time 0.1s-1s Stepless Adjustable 0.1s-1s Stepless Adjustable 0.1s-1s Stepless Adjustable
9 Sensitivity control low-high Stepless Adjustable low-high Stepless Adjustable low-high Stepless Adjustable
10 Grinding function YES YES YES
11 Operating Temperature -10℃~+55℃ -10℃~+55℃ -10℃~+55℃
12 Storage Temperature -20℃~+70℃ -20℃~+70℃ -20℃~+70℃
13 ADF configuration Can configure other ADF (Auto-Darkening Filter)
14 Frame Size 340mm*240mm*220mm
15 Weigh/ Materia 0.48kgs , PP/PA
16 accessories  Blue,green,black,And beautiful pictures etc,spay-paint according to customer’s choices.
17 Packing methods  Color inside box,4 pcs/carton( standard),Size :540*534*316mm,N/G weight:1.92/5.035KGS
 Color inside box,6 pcs/carton( standard),Size:790*540*300mm,N/G weight:2.88/6.135KGS
 Color inside box,20pcs/carton(economical),Size:710*380*540mm,N/G weight:9.6/20.057KGS

1. Model: WH-425, Configuration ADF Model: 9030G/9242F/9844.

2. The auto darkening welding lens(ADF) adopts advanced electro-optical technology of Germany. The 9-13 level is accurate and adjustable, suitable for various kinds of welding models such as TIG, MMA, MIG, CUT.

3. Adopting the high quality multilayer liquid crystal optical lens, the auto darkening welding lens(ADF) can not only provide you a clear view, but also safely protect your eyes from infrared ray/ultraviolet ray radiation.

4. The streamlined shape of welding helmet effectively avoids the form of mist when a welder breaths in low temperature and therefore guarantee the welder to breath normally. The appearance is light and simple.

5. Warranty: 2 years limited, provide OEM service.

6. Material: PP or PA.

●1 Piece of Out Protection Lens ●1 Piece of Inner Protection Lens ●1 Piece of Packing Bag
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