Combines MMA welding and MIG welding, 135A or 155A optional

Our MIG-135/155G series MIG inverter welding machine combines MMA welding and MIG welding into one unit. The IGBT welder is equipped with a 0.9kg welding wire reel. Flux cored wire or solid wire is fed through the welding torch and then into the weld pool, joining the materials together. Materials combined are often carbon steel, ordinary low alloy steel and stainless steel.

The MIG welding machine features a high welding efficiency, energy conservation and great durability.



Both regular 2T and semi-automatic 4T modes are supported, accommodating different operating habits. In 2T mode, the operator will need to hold the switch down during the entire cutting process. Once the switch is released, cutting stops. In 4T mode, the operator simply needs to toggle the switch on, let go and then cut and toggle it off when finished.

In MMA welding mode, a LIFT TIG contact type arc striking is used. The arc striking is done through direct contact between the tungsten electrode and the workpiece, resulting in a short circuit. As a result, the arc will be easily struck, resulting in a soft arc.

The built-in thrust regulation system is able to prevent arc extinction during the welding process and makes the welding current larger as the electrode moves closer towards the workpiece, thereby eliminating welding spatter. 

When the working voltage or current is too high or the welding machine is over heated, the overheat protection, overcurrent protection and low voltage protection features will be automatically used, thus ensuring operation safety.

The MIG welding machine is designed to work with single phase power supply, making it more suitable to household DIY welding processes.

Technical Parameters

Wire Diameter0.6/0.8/0.9mm1.6-2.5mm0.6/0.8/0.9mm1.6-3.2mm
Rated Input Voltage1P 220V1P 220V
Rated Input Power3KW3.7KW3.7KW4.5KW
Rated Input Current43A46A26.2A29.5A
Duty Cycle (40°C 10min)30%120A,
Open Circuit Voltage51V51V
Rated Output Current Range30-135A20-120A30-155A20-140A
EfficiencyAbove 80%Above 80%
Power Factor0.730.73
Packing Dimension530×240×440mm530×240×440mm

3 Metre 250 MIG Torch

4 Metre DGT26-12 TIG Torch

3 Metre MMA Leads